Charmstealer Barry Fitzgerald


‘Desiderium profundum cognoscendi’

A deep desire to know

Barry Fitzgerald


Barry is not just a paranormal investigator but a ​visionary who seeks to uncover hidden truths about ​the world we live in.

His passion and curiosity have taken him on a ​captivating journey, exploring everything from myths ​and legends to ancient tombs and hidden spiritual ​doorways, and appearing on multiple TV shows such ​as Ghost Hunters International (GHI), Destination ​Truth, Ghost Hunters (GH), and Unsolved Mysteries.

Through his work as a director of internet ​documentaries and as a television personality, Barry ​invites us to join him on his daring quests to uncover ​the secrets of the unknown.

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Project Doorway

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  • Discover the secrets of ancient portals with ​Project Doorway.
  • Led by experts Barry Fitzgerald and Steve ​Mera, this workshop offers valuable insights ​into decoding ancient mysteries and ​locating portals in the modern world and ​the creatures that use them.
  • Join us and unlock the door to a whole new ​world of knowledge and experience.
  • Easily adaptable to varying group sizes.

Staring into Darkness

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  • Discover the hidden depths of the human ​soul with this groundbreaking and final ​publication headed by Barry Fitzgerald and ​co-authored by Steve Mera.
  • The exploitation of symbiosis and humanity's ​dark nature sheds new light on the age-old ​concept of the soul.
  • This thought-provoking book challenges ​traditional beliefs and invites readers to ​expand their understanding of spirituality ​and the essence of being. Don't miss out on ​this intriguing upcoming journey into the ​depths of the soul.

A collection of Past Publications

The Deception of Gods ​and Men

Discover the secrets hidden ​within the spirit world in this ​captivating book.

Unmask the remarkable ​ability of deception that ​lurks within, and uncover the ​truth behind its illusions. ​Don't miss out on unraveling ​this mysterious world. Get ​your copy now!

The Council of Three

Dive into chilling narratives ​that will keep you on the ​edge of your seat with this ​captivating paranormal ​trilogy.

Uncover the secrets and ​mysteries that lie beyond ​our reality. Don't miss out ​on this must-read series for ​all paranormal enthusiasts.

The Influence

Uncover the secrets of ​oppression and possession in ​this must-read publication. ​Learn how to identify these ​negative forces in others and ​empower yourself with ​strategies for protection.

Don't miss out on this ​essential guide.

The Banshee

An exiled god of Babylon. ​The Banshee explores ​accounts of her historical ​past, and her current ​interaction with Ireland's ​people.

Not to be missed.

Legend Seekers

Uncover the hidden truths ​of Ireland's mythical past in ​"Legend Seekers."

Prepare as the authors ​delve into the mysteries of ​ancient gods that still linger ​today.

Discover the shocking ​evidence that will leave you ​speechless.

In the Mist of Gods

In this captivating read, Barry ​delves deep into the ​underworld, uncovering ​mysterious encounters that ​exist right under our feet. ​From unexplained phenomena ​to spine-tingling situations, ​this book is perfect for those ​who crave thrilling adventures ​and a touch of mystery.

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Myth of the Fairy

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A study into the global ​phenomena of the Fairy ​among other names.

However, is there a price to ​pay for their interference, do ​we even know where they ​come from?

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The Space Brothers Deception

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Their names and masks are ​legion, but could these beings ​be hiding a darker aspect to ​their nature? False promises ​stretch far into pre-history and ​our global memories seem ​short.

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Land of Giants

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Our planet has legends of ​Giants scattered throughout ​time however, is there any ​proof for such stories? Is it ​possible people of great stature ​could have existed?

In the dance of dark and light, we find our role,

In a symbiotic relationship, we call the soul.

The mysteries of the universe are intertwined,

With the depths of our being aligned.

We are but mirrors reflecting the divine,

In shadows deep, our essence does shine.

The spirits guide us, the ghosts we keep,

In this cosmic dance, our souls do leap.

So let us embrace the shadows bold,

And uncover the secrets yet untold.

For in the depths of our soul,

We find the truth that makes us whole.

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Barry ​Fitzgerald

A primal instinct to explore

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